Sunday, October 20, 2013

Living the dream

Photo from Pinterest

It's been a long time since I've posted something. So much has been going on that I haven't had time to really step back and make sense of everything. It feels as though every day, I've just been going with the flow of wherever life takes me, and yet I know exactly where I'm going: where my heart tells me to.

Who would've thought I'd end up in Advertising, though? I always swore I'd never get into it, like I said in a previous entry. But it's been almost two months, and I realize that my previous jobs prepared me for this kind of job-- having accounts to service, coming up with content and strategy to promote a brand, taking care of a brand's image in the digital space. And yet everything is also new, as the digital world --particularly the world of social media-- is so exciting. A decade ago, Facebook didn't exist. Five years ago, smartphones weren't the norm. And yet today, almost everyone has a Facebook account, and more and more people are accessing the Internet and their social media platforms on a mobile device. I suddenly have front-row seats to what will happen three, five years from now: will Facebook still be the way it is? Will a new social media platform be born? Will some of the platforms we thought we couldn't live without die (RIP, Multiply and Friendster)? How will technology continue to shape and change the way we connect to each other? It's so refreshing to belong in this ever-changing world!

The thing with this job is that it has full-time demands while still giving me the freedom to keep my own hours. While I'm crafting social media content for my accounts, I'm also writing feature articles and advertorials. These past two months, I've been very thankful that my friends in the industry have been giving me work, and that I've encountered new people who are also trusting in my ability to deliver. I am so grateful for the chance to have my name in publications I never thought I could really write for, and that I'm given the opportunity to meet new people, hear new stories, and tell them in the best way I can. Slowly but steadily, I'm building my name and getting paid while I'm at it.

Which is a good thing, because I need to work hard and save a lot, now more than ever. The most exciting thing has been getting engaged. For someone like me who loves to plan, I am raring to do all the planning! My dream wedding is a practical and budget-friendly one, and I love the challenge of finding suppliers and packages that give you bang for buck. So in between the social media content and the writing, I've also been doing lots of researching, pinning on Pinterest, and making Powerpoint presentations compiling my ideas. The wedding is a long way off, and it's a good thing because we're determined to have fun throughout the process of planning it. It is, after all, a celebration! We're attending our first bridal fair next month, and we can't wait-- I'm so excited that I'm researching on the suppliers that will be there. He's so lucky I love to plan! Maybe after this, I can also freelance as a wedding planner. Haha!

All of this happened when I started saying "Yes" to my dreams and following my heart. I had always dreamed of keeping my own hours, doing what I love to do, and still being productive. And now, that's my reality. I just have to keep trusting that He will provide for me, one day at a time. What a blessing to be able to live my dreams!

Here's hoping you have the courage to say "Yes" to your dreams, too. :)